Finding the right type of fitness for you

Finding the right type of fitness for you

We all know that your mental health is equally as important as your physical health, so why not target them both with exercise?

Keeping fit and active is an amazing (and free) way to keep your mind stimulated while boosting your energy levels and reducing stress.

When we exercise, serotonin and other hormones are released in the brain. This is known as our happy hormone, which is why you feel such a high after doing a workout.

You might try telling us that exercise isn’t for you, but with the right routine and by incorporating some fun into it you will end up falling in love with keeping active!

The very first thing you should do before picking a workout plan is to stop associating exercise with losing weight. Of course, that is one of the great benefits and is a goal for some people, but if you are killing yourself with HIIT workouts you will burn out and there is no way that can be enjoyable.

Focus on what your goal is, don’t set yourself unrealistic expectations and choose fitness that makes you feel great!

With that being said, what different types of exercises are out there?

Walking is often disregarded as an exercise; however, it is a favourite for a lot of people. With walking you can make it as strenuous as you want. You could listen to your favourite podcast on a stroll around the park or put the music on full blast and do a few rounds of speed walking.

Start of small each week by setting step goals, even a walk to the shop can help you reach those targets while getting some positive energy flowing.

For some people, the best way to keep on track is by having a clear plan for a week or month. A great way of doing this is by taking part in challenges to keep you motivated.

Our March fitness challenge combines three basic exercises; sit-ups, crunches and squats. These are simple but very effective. As each day passes you increase the amount of exercise you’re doing and feel free to add in anything extra yourself. If you don’t know where to start with your fitness journey, we would suggest our monthly challenge as it comes with a support group and will help you reap in so many benefits. Register at

In the challenge, there are some rest days. If you don’t like doing nothing on the days off yoga is a relaxing form of exercise that allows your muscles to relax without doing nothing at all. The most important thing during yoga is to focus on your breathing; taking long, deep breaths can calm your mind which can reduce any anxieties or stress you have.

Don’t worry too much about creating a structured routine with yoga. Instead, look online for some different poses and choose which ones you can do best and that make you feel most relaxed. A great way to incorporate mindfulness into your yoga session is to take a quote from our positivity jar and keep that in mind while focusing on your breathing.

There will be some days you just won’t be in the mood to do a workout. Try to motivate to do it before skipping a day, but if all else fails just dance it out!

Stick on your favourite music and dance until you can’t anymore. The combination of the freeing movements and the upbeat music is an incredible mood booster that leaves you feeling energised and happy. You might even be in the mood of another workout after!

Keeping active is so important, but it is also free. You don’t need fancy equipment or even a big house to workout. The key is finding a routine that works for you and sticking to it for a happy and healthy mind.

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