Meeting new people in Dublin

Meeting new people in Dublin

It may be a bit of a cliche, but it does feel like the older we get, the harder it is to make friends. This difficulty in forming social bonds as we age is often compounded when we have to move for work. So many of us relocate to larger urban centres when we want to further our careers. That means leaving the village or town we grew up in to begin working in a larger metropolitan area like Dublin. While there are endless ways to meet a romantic partner, ways to meet friends are often elusive and hard to find. That's why Just Us is committed to creating welcoming spaces for women who want to meet and form friendships with other like-minded women. Our unique approach to facilitating friendships makes us that much different from some other social clubs.



Walking Clubs


One of the most popular methods for helping facilitate social relationships is our walking club. Walking as an exercise is incredibly beneficial to a person's health; however, it also helps to relieve tension or any initial awkwardness when meeting new people. At Just Us, we take the time to carefully design our walking routes to ensure they are challenging but suitable for people of all fitness levels. We focus on the social element of walking. For people new to our walking club, we always try to assign them a buddy, which helps introduce them to the rest of the group. This method allows a new person to integrate with the walking group and immediately feel part of this unique, fun and highly social activity.



Book Club


Along with our walking groups, we also organise our ever-popular book club. Our readers enjoy everything from the newest literature to classic novels. Just Us reading clubs are certainly not an exercise in academic criticism. Instead, it's a space where members can freely discuss the merits of a book. At our book club, there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone is encouraged to share their opinions in a friendly and inviting environment. We create a fun and welcoming social environment by giving everyone a chance to express how they feel about a shared piece of literature.


If you are interested in making friends in Dublin, please contact us today, and we can help you become part of a walking group, book club, or even both. Our clubs and events help women meet new people in Dublin and form long-term bonds of friendship.


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