What Happens at the Just Us Walking Club in Dublin

What Happens at the Just Us Walking Club in Dublin

We’re going to resist the urge to make the obvious joke and say we do a lot of walking at our walking club – whoops, have we just said it? Instead, we want to focus on some of the questions we get from real women considering joining our walking club.
Let’s start with trying to relieve any fears. We understand that joining any kind of club can be intimidating. The thought of walking into a new social dynamic and meeting strangers is enough to make most people feel a little bit anxious. But let us reassure you, feeling nervous about joining our established Dublin walking club is completely normal. Most of our regular walkers – some of whom have been with us for years – felt anxious when they first joined. At Just Us we understand that the key to an enjoyable and vibrant waking club community is in creating a welcoming atmosphere for all.
We’re proud of the welcoming and fun atmosphere that pervades each and every one of our walks. It is this atmosphere, and our ability to integrate new starts with our community, that has made us one of Ireland’s fastest-growing walking clubs.
However, for that little bit of extra peace of mind. Below is a rough outline of what happens at a typical walk.



Planning the Walk


First and foremost our team go about planning the walk. Every one of our Dublin walks is planned around the following criteria.


  • Enjoyable
    We want to make sure that all our walks are enjoyable. Therefore we do a lot of research on organising a walk that goes to fascinating areas around Dublin. We also do our best to vary the terrain from time to time to ensure the walk remains interesting from start to finish.


  • Suitable For All Fitness Areas
    Our walks are designed to be enjoyed by all fitness levels. While certainly there is a bit of challenge involved, we make sure that the routes we pick are accessible to the average person.


During the Walk


There are few things more conducive to conversation than the outside air and a long walk. Yes, this may be a walking club but it could be better described as a social club. Our community of women get to enjoy each other’s company while being exposed to some of Dublin’s beautiful scenery and/or unique architecture.

Do you still have some questions about our walking club in Dublin? Please contact us today. Our team can address any concerns you may have. For information on the next organised walk, please subscribe to our walking club newsletter.


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